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New CD

January 13th, 2017 at 04:02 am

I currently have a CD with Navy Federal that matures in Aug. I'm going to take advantage of a 17 month CD at 2% they are currently offering. I only have about 3k sitting in my account with them currently so I'll start there since I don't know how long the offer will last. However, I will transfer more funds since I can add up to a max of 50K once CD is purchased. Don't think I will add that much though.

Got the Card!

January 12th, 2017 at 04:36 pm

A couple days ago I posted about whether I should apply for a card which was offering 100,000 bonus points. Well I applied the same day and was approved. To my surprise, I received the card yesterday. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a card delivered but then again they sent it via UPS Express. They must want to make sure customers have immediate access with the $450 annual fee. I explained in my previous post how I would negate that large fee down to only $50.

I also called Chase this morning to clarify a few questions about the annual fee. Another unexpected surprise was that an actual person answered the phone. No recordings whatsoever! I was shocked and told the lady as well. I found out that if I decided I no longer wanted the card but wanted to keep the points, I could downgrade to another card that doesn't have a fee. In addition to that, and the annual fee will be prorated and the balance of what I paid will be refunded. I think this is going to be a win/win situation after all.

With that, I just made my first purchase toward the $4k requirement to earn the bonus points Smile

100,000 Bonus Points

January 10th, 2017 at 12:19 am

Currently Chase Sapphire Reserve is offering 100k bonus points if you spend 4k in 3 months. I can do that with no problem because school tuition due in February.The points equals $1500 travel value or $1000 in cash The kicker is that there is a $450 annual fee. However before you stop reading in your tracks, here are the main benefits that offset that fee. 1. You get a up to $300 statement credit for any travel purchases (flights, hotel, cruise, rental car, etc...). 2. You get a $100 credit if you apply for the Global Entry program. This program includes TSA Pre-check (which is $85 by itself) and expedited custom procedures as well. So with that in mind, the annual fee is only $50.

I will be completing my doctorate degree this year and plan to complete quite a few celebratory trips. As of now, I'm going to Cancun in July, Africa in September, and Hawaii in December.

With all of this in mind, would you apply for the card??

Trying Something New

January 6th, 2017 at 07:16 pm

Most of my life I never really had to worry about my weight but it seems like the older I get the pounds start to creep on. My friend was telling me she tried and likes the Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD). Actually the word diet stand for Did I Eat Today. The premises behind it is to jump start your metabolism by confusing it. Each week there are 3 phases where you different things. I ordered the book a few days ago and the stuff I read so far makes totally perfect sense. It reminded me that I definitely need to start incorporating some weight training into my routine.

Anyway, without going into too much detail. I will take part in a 2-week FMD challenge. You can read more about the program: https://hayliepomroy.com/books/the-fast-metabolism-diet/

2017 52 Week Money Challenge

January 2nd, 2017 at 04:35 pm

Happy New Year everyone! One of my goals is to get back to this site on a more regular basis so here I am. This year I will doing the 52 -week money challenge and it's already off to a great start. Over the weekend, I sold and got paid for a couple items that sold on Ebay. I netted $89.69, so I will use that to fund weeks 37 and 52. As you can see I don't follow the challenge in order because I fund it via snowflakes. At this time the goal for the challenge money will go into my travel budget.

Anyone else doing the challenge this year?