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2015 52 Week Savings Challenge

January 5th, 2015 at 12:28 am

I've been doing this challenge for the last few years and this year is no exception. Instead of funding it totally out of my budget, I save all my one dollar bills and any snowflakes I receive as well. Last year the funds were used for Christmas and also to throw at mortgage. This year I will use it to fund my trip to the Bahamas. I don't normally go in order but instead I jump around as the snowflakes are earned. So far I've complete weeks 32, 10 and 2.

Anyone else doing the challenge again this year?

Happy New Year!

January 3rd, 2015 at 01:28 am

I'm a day late but it’s all good Smile The last time I posted, I announced that I had just paid off my mortgage. Over the last couple of days I finished on my first budget without a mortgage and man all I can say is that it is a feeling that cannot be totally put into words.

In 2014 my goal was to reach $10,000 in snowflakes. Thanks to CCF for encouraging me to aim high so in doing so I was able to surpass my goal with $10,952 in snowflakes!! A big chunk of that comes from various CC rewards and some amended tax returns that I completed.

My 2015 snowflake goal will be $6500 and I'm already off to a good start. First I redeemed $20 in Wal-Mart gift cards via Perk and I received $10 Kohl's justfyour reward. So that's $30 only 2 days into the year! Instead of throwing snowflakes at the mortgage this year, everything will be going to help fund my celebration trip to the Bahamas in August 

So has anyone else set a 2015 snowflake goal? I know CCF will be but who else will be joining us?