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Friday Finances

May 23rd, 2014 at 03:08 pm

A couple weeks ago I posted that I got a large snowflake for an amended tax return I had filed. Well I took $103 from that and finished off the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge. I will use $750 of challenge money for Christmas and not quite sure what to do with the rest just yet.

I know I also posted that I was done with the CC rewards game but Navy Federal currently has an offer where you spend $1500, you get $100. Well I applied a week or so ago and got my card today. I immediately charged $1400 of my tuition to it and only have $100 left to spend which will be taken care of with no problem.

Finally, I cashed in a Treasury bond that I bought a couple years ago to take advantage of higher rates. I've since earned $214 in interest and will now use that principal to buy a CD at Navy Federal. It's a one year CD earning 3.5% This month is turning out to be the second highest snowflake month of the year so far and I'm well on my way of meeting my $10k snowflake goal!!

1 Responses to “Friday Finances”

  1. snafu Says:

    How delightful to have a large tax rebate with a significant portion not yet delegated. A 3.5% CD sounds terrific since savings accounts are paying such paltry sums. With prices rising for the regular items we buy I wonder why they keep saying inflation is dead. I wonder if it's stubbornly depressed housing prices in specific locations.

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